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Moral Solutions

Moral Solutions was borne of a desire to make a difference, affect a positive change by designing software solutions to tackle some of society’s most pressing social problems, such as Drunk Driving. Drunk driving fatalities have already declined, and continue to decline, which we credit in large part to MADD and other organizations like it, still, someone is killed every 50 minutes (US) by a drunk driver, which means there is much work to be done. A recent comparison from 1982, which is when the National Highway Safety
Administration (NHTSA) first began recording alcohol-related statistics, vs. 2017 figures shows the number of fatalities caused by a drunk driver have decreased 63%, from 9.1 for 1982 vs. 3.4 for 2017, per 100,000 in population, a 13% improvement since 2015. Even greater success was realized among persons under age 21 killed in a crash involving a drunk driver; these decreased from 5,215 in 1982 to 1,064 in 2017, an 80% decrease. These fatalities represent approximately 10% of fatalities caused by a drunk driver in the US. Efforts to end drunk driving are clearly making an impact, a tremendous difference, but it’s still not enough.

Technology has many great features, among which, now that Last Call software has been designed, it can easily be replicated millions of time, which makes it highly cost effective vs. individual interventions (ie. individual or group therapy); the app can also be used repeatedly. Using technology as an intervention to treat drunk driving is a novel idea, one we hope will spread like wildfire. In the case of drunk driving, we especially want to target both teens and young adults up to age 44, the demographic groups at highest risk of driving drunk . Again, fatal crash statistics (2017) show a correlation between the prevalence of drunk driving and age: age 21 to 24 (27%), followed by drunk drivers age 25 to 34 (26%), followed by age 35 to 44 (23%); approximately 25% of car crashes (US) involving teens involve an underage driver that had been drinking. So we have identified age groups that are especially at risk of drunk driving, and will market to them accordingly. The good news is these age groups are also the heaviest users of mobile apps.

Our first app, Last Call, is now complete, and will be our focus for the next 18-24 months, following which we will begin distribution of another app.